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10 reasons why fine merino wool knits are perfect for travelling - business or leisure.


Weight restrictions on aircraft and not wanting to have to lug around heavy cases – just two reasons why it is worth considering taking merino knits travelling with you whether for business or leisure. 

Having worked at Kirkcaldie & Stains in Wellington and seen how the Kiwis hardly ever go out without a piece of merino on I am now a complete convert and want to spread the word in the UK.

Merino is indeed worn in the UK but generally as a base layer for sports or as a heavier piece of knitwear over shirts. 

Fine merino knits can be so much more though – as the Kiwis taught me.

They can take you from work to play and from night to day. 


So why are merino base layers so good for travelling? 

  • Merino is lightweight so you can get more pieces in your small bag.
  • Merino can be worn for days without smelling – so you take fewer pieces of merino than you would anything else. This also means you can wear it during the day for business then a simple change of accessories or layers will convert it to evening wear for dinner.
  • Merino’s natural crimp and elasticity means it doesn’t crease and if there is an occasional crease – just hang in the shower room for a short while or wear It and the creases will fall out.
  • The close-fitting nature of the merino garments makes them very smart under a business suit.
  • Merino is naturally breathable and regulates heat and moisture flows to and from the body so keeps you cool in the warmth and warm in the cool - so, making it good for any climate or going from air conditioned chilly offices into the heat of the streets.
  • Merino protects from UV rays.
  • Merino is beautifully soft and luxurious giving day long comfort.
  • Merino washes and dries quickly if necessary.

So, whatever your reason for travelling and wherever you are going, don’t go without your merino tops. 

And for all you eco-friendly people out there - merino wool is sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable.

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